Web Apps

We create a wide range of web apps from small corporate websites to big multi-network sites along with extensions of those apps to mobile & other platforms. Our main tool of choice is ASP .NET in combination with the reliability & security of Azure. For consumer-oriented projects we typically use Umbraco CMS while for logic-heavy software we implement custom C# solutions. No matter the framework we always ensure that our web apps are fundamentally functional in all use cases, architecturally sound, secure, rapidly deployable & scalable.


Our team is experienced in building eCommerce projects. Typically we work with Umbraco plugins such as Ucommerce, Teacommerce & Merchello. For larger projects with thousands of categories & products we typically prefer the powerful nopCommerce platform and its out-of-the-box features.

Mobile Apps

We cover the two major platforms IOS & Android simultaneously with the power & reliability of Xamarin Forms. All of our apps are build according to the latest UX trends while preserving platform-specific features & native experience. All of our apps go through an extensive automated and manual QA phase ensuring the best possible mobile experience.

Online Presence

We offer to our clients complete A to Z Digital Marketing solutions, ensuring high conversion rates and engaged audiences. Each service we offer can be geared towards specific client goals like increase in conversions, increase in relevant traffic or improvement of brand image. In addition to that we would develop essential marketing strategies for the digital channels upon request from our clients, based on deep analysis and research on the relevant markets.

Who are We?

We are a Web Development & Digital Marketing company. We built Websites, Web Apps, Mobile Apps and we offer extensive Digital Marketing solutions for increasing Online Presence & Conversions.

Our Approach

We approach each new project by looking through the perspective of our customers and at the same time the end users. We do not like compromises and high quality is our main goal for each project. 

Why Choose Us?

We understand your needs & requirements and we will offer you a very competitive ratio of quality to price for even the most complicated projects.
We like to create long lasting client relationships and we always ensure that our clients receive support when needed.

Do you want to discuss a project?
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