Code+ adheres to Bulgaring privacy protection law and General Data Protection Law of EU.

Reasons for collection of personal data

We collect personal data only for persons and companies with whom we have relationships:

  • We collect data for document, contracts, offers and proposal creation.
  • We collect data for job hiring and candidate interviews.
  • We collect data of potential prospects which have send us inquiries about the services offered by us.

Types of personal data we collect:

  • First and Last name;
  • Phone number including mobile phone number;
  • E-mail address;
  • Company data relating to day to day business operations such as company office location, key employees, company size, company sector, technologies used by the company.

Length of time for which we preserve data:

Personal data is preserved until we have business relationships with the corresponding party (this includes time for which we await response to offer or proposal).

Your rights on the data collected by Code+ :

  • Refusal for data collection: you may refuse us to collect your personal data. However this may prevent us from offering services to you.
  • Rights to data correction: you may require us to change the personal data we have collected or we will collect.
  • Rights to data deletion: upon ending of business relationship you may require us to delete all of your personal data we have collected.
  • Right to receive information about personal data: if you have a business relationship with us you may inquire about the personal data we collect.
  • Rights for Personal Data Collection Security and Data Breach: we will notify you for any of the following cases:
    • If we are aware that personal data collected by us became available (“leaked”) to a 3rd party without your consent and approval.