Boost your Website Revenue with Umbraco CMS
Boost your Website Revenue with Umbraco CMS
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or how to take intelligent care of your investments

No manager or business entrepreneur can survive the reality of our hyper-connected world, without first having to google the term "CMS," and then deciding which one to choose as a trustworthy foundation of their further development. Simply enough, Content Management Systems are the base ground on which a functional and meaningful website or web app can be built upon. And Umbraco is among the first options you should consider.

We’re now going to reveal some of the significant advantages which help Umbraco decrease costs, and naturally increase the ROI (return of investment rate) and improve the profit of your web app. Boosting your revenue could logically happen in two separate ways - by increasing the income or (logically) by decreasing the expenses. Trying to reduce the initial investment in your website is not always a great idea, especially if your chosen content management system is not as user-friendly and easy to manage as you wish it was. Thankfully, that’s not the case with Umbraco CMS. Business entrepreneurs, marketing specialists and administrators choose to trust Umbraco due to the perfect balance between its related costs and its functionality. Umbraco CMS offers some unique free features, combined with advanced paid services, so anyone can choose and match them to their personal budget and business plan. Intelligent resource management along with a trustworthy CMS such as Umbraco, is a promising first step towards the rewarding financial state of any business.

How can Umbraco help you increase monetisation from your web app?
A functional website or web app is a crucial part of the success of basically any kind of initiative nowadays. Business entrepreneurs, content publishers, bloggers, copywriters, webmasters, and digital agencies are all aiming at the same thing - intelligent resource management which will increase their profit in the long run. But how exactly Umbraco will guide you towards that goal?

  •  First of all, the platform will help you improve your content thanks to its highly intuitive and easy to manage interface. Let us remind you that good content is not just a bunch of words, combined with a random image. It’s all about the alignment options, the editing tools, and overall marketing-friendly aesthetics. Umbraco has a tree structure which enables editors to arrange the different branches of the website or web app effortlessly, without wasting any precious time. Adding, removing or editing the content with Umbraco is quick, yet precise. Your editors won’t need to be web developers and graphic designers to deal with Umbraco’s numerous content management options. Any given content will look exactly like they need it to, in no time. And so will your profit - because we all know that better content leads to better revenue.

  •  Secondly, Umbraco has the tools to greatly improve the multilingual management and performance of your web app. Users can take advantage of numerous options when it comes to managing multilingual websites - from creating different types of pages for each language version, to easily managing their content by using an integrated tree structure. A personalized approach towards the different language versions of a site is highly appreciated by customers. Because as we all know, exceptional customer care sells, and Umbraco is there to help you become a global brand.
  •  Umbraco also took care to implement some content management options which, if used properly, will significantly reduce content issues on your site. For example, you can easily preview your content on different types of devices without even publishing it, by using the Responsive Preview option. You can edit and make an unlimited number of changes which will not be accessible by the users, until you want them to. And if you happen to be disappointed by what you’ve done, you should not worry, because Umbraco is versioned - you can easily go back to the previous version of your work and spare yourself time and nerves. A flawless and bug-free content is always catchy; it improves your image and reputation, and consequently - your revenue. 

How can Umbraco help you decrease costs?
Increasing the profit means nothing if you need to spend most of it on fixing everything that went wrong in the process. Here is why using Umbraco will not only boost your revenue but will also cut the expenses in the process:

  •  Well, the first obvious advantage is that Umbraco CMS is free. You can download, install, setup, and host your website or web app without having to pay a cent for it. There are, of course, plenty of delightful paid extra services, offered by the Umbraco Cloud but whether to take advantage of them or not is entirely up to you.
  •  Also, Umbraco has plenty of built-in tools, which will eliminate the need for many kinds of other professional software. For example, the highly effective image croppers and image tools of the system will spare you the money for image processing programs; the hundreds of plug-ins will come in handy instead of additional software, and so on.

  •  The Scheduled Publishing option of Umbraco will help you optimize your most valuable resource - time. Users can easily set a certain date and time for their content to be published (or unpublished) online, so you or your employees won’t need to spend any extra hours just waiting for that time to come. As cliched as it may be, time literally costs money, and in some cases - a lot of money.

  •  Umbaco’s easily manageable API can facilitate the integration process when some additional systems need to be involved. Syncing your Umbraco app with other iOS and Android mobile apps is simple enough to spare you some considerable amounts of time and money when it comes to programming and website development.

  •  Last but not least, the latest version of Umbraco is GDPR ready. If you're based in Europe or dealing with customers from the EU, you already know the pain of having everything checked and double-checked in order to meet the latest data protection laws. Many companies suffer from extensive money leaks due to their obligation to transform their websites and web apps in accordance with GDPR. Umbraco had taken care of that, presenting an entirely GDPR friendly system and decrease the costs of your web project.

To conclude, we might say that trusting Umbraco to be your content managing partner will be undoubtedly a farsighted thing to do for yourself and your business. It’s quite well known that building an understandable, user-friendly web app is the first step towards maintaining a stable audience and getting a sufficient revenue at the end of the day. Umbraco not only enables editors to publish better content with considerably less amounts of time and effort but also provides the tools for improving our web app performance and conversion with no rocket science included in the process.

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