Everything About Umbraco
11/02/2016 CMS

Everything About Umbraco

What is all about? Umbraco is a friendly open-source Content Management System and is one of the most widely used .NET Content Management Systems. It is free and offers great flexibility and extensive capabilities. Currently there are over 250 000 websites built with Umbraco CMS. Our company has its own share of Umbraco sites. It is our preferred .NET CMS for small-scale websites and we love to work with it.

The Content tree – Each website built in Umbraco is placed in the so called Content Tree. You could see on the screenshot below how the Content tree of an Umbraco website looks like:

Umbraco Content Tree

Each “leaf” in the content tree is an actual page of the site. For example, the Home node in the screenshot is the Home Page of the site. The hierarchy of the tree typically follows the hierarchy of the site content. This makes content editing form a non-developer very easy. Also, it has a remarkably friendly responsive interface allowing for content management from almost every device.

Media - Umbraco has built-in media library which is fully customizable. The organization of the whole media module is made by the administrator of the website.

Multi-language support - Umbraco supports multi-language websites. The configuration is pretty straightforward and each Language version is set up in a separate branch of the content tree. Umbraco also allows for different menu structure and content depending on the language version of a site. For example, article written in French would typically be created in the content tree of the French version of a given website. The administrator of that site has the option to copy this article to the English version of the site. However, this is not obligatory and the administrator can decide not to do it or create a completely different article for the English version of the site.

Multilanguage site with Umbraco

Role-based administration - Umbraco supports different levels of administration. This means that there could be administrators for each language version of a given website. For example, a website written in two languages can have two different administrators, responsible for each version. Furthermore, each administrator can be enabled to have access only to his section. This type of administration is quite helpful for large websites where one administrator may not be sufficient to manage all the content.

Why Choose Umbraco?

    •  Great out-of-the-box functionalities
    •  Easy configuration
    •  Role based administration
    •  Built-in media library
    •  Multi-language support
    •  Simple, friendly and responsive content management panel
    •  Lots of available free packages
    •  Big community opened for questions and discussion


We at Code+Marketing have extensive experience with Umbraco CMS. If you are interested and want to discuss a project you can send us a description of your project and we will send you a custom offer. Simply click the button below.  Let's Discuss Your Umbraco Project


You can find additional info on Umbraco's official website.

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