What is Umbraco?
What is Umbraco?
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Umbraco is a friendly open-source Content Management System and is one of the most widely used ASP.NET Content Management Systems. It is free and offers great flexibility and extensive capabilities. Currently there are over 250 000 websites built with Umbraco CMS. Famous companies using Umbraco for their  site networks include Carlsberg, Heinz, Kempinski, Scholl and others such as Reebok and Dominos using it for separate sites but not for their whole network. We are big fans of Umbraco as well and develop with it for all kinds of projects.

Why use Umbraco over any other CMS?

Our clients have asked this question numerous times. The fact of the matter is that if you have not worked with Umbraco you may not be aware of its benefits over other more popular CMSs. Umbraco offers features that other CMSs either do not offer or are you have to pay monthly fees to access those features.

Umbraco Advantages

So here are the top benefits of Umbraco:

  • Umbraco is highly customisable - you can apply Umbraco to all kinds of projects from small corporate websites to large networks of sites controlled from a single back-office. Each Umbraco project is bespoke and tailored to the specifics of the project.
  • Umbraco is especially suitable for multilingual sites - Each language version of a site has its own content node and through the “Send to Translate” function you can very easily send content to be translated by editors. Or if you prefer you can have completely different types of pages and features bespoke to each language version. In this respect compared to let’s say Wordpress Umbraco is much more intuitive, easier and faster to use. 

  • Umbraco is very secure - It runs on the ASP.Net framework which is one of the most secure frameworks widely used by banks and other institutions with high security requirements. In addition to a standard Username and Password login, 2-factor authentication is also possible with Umbraco.
  • You can integrate 3rd party apps with Umbraco through API - True Multi-channel Delivery is one of the greatest features of Umbraco. Syncing your Umbraco app with other apps is very easy. For example for one of our clients we made an Umbraco to Zoho CRM continuous export of website leads. For several other projects we synced an Umbraco web app with iOS and Android mobile apps build with Xamarin Forms.

Umbraco API to Mobile Apps

  • It offers a wide range of Admin Access Roles - in Umbraco you can have a large number of Admin Access Roles. From “Editors” able to only edit texts and images to “Dev Admins” with access to the Developer section. Those roles can be edited in a granular manner even after a project is deployed. In addition to this disabling a User is a two click action and you can create new admin users in a breeze.

Admin Groups in Umbraco 


Disabling a back-office user in action

  • Easy to use Content-Edit Interface - Editors love to work with Umbraco and learning curve is very short. Features such as Multi-device Previews, Scheduled Publishing, Versioned Content, Built-in Image Cropper and Forms Creator make it a compelling choice for content editors.

 Text edit in action


 Multi-device Preview in action

  • Website User Accounts - if your website needs to feature user accounts, Umbraco has got you covered with its out of the box “Members” module which you can modify according to your preferences
  • Speed, Reliability & Scalability - A proper Umbraco configuration would run quite fast thanks in part to its built-in caching, easily integrated with external CDNs. Scaling an Umbraco installation is a breeze through load balancers and auto-scaling cloud services.
  • Compelling Choice for Developers - Development with Umbraco is fun. Thanks to its MVC based architecture, great .NET & REST APIs and extendable Angular JS back-office, development is fast and hassle free. In addition to this you can code on either Windows or MacOS.
  • Umbraco does not mess your HTML/CSS/JS - unlike other CMSs Umbraco does not require specially build templates. Front-end developers love it.
  • It has hundreds of plugins (packages) - since it is open-source anybody is free to develop all kinds of Umbraco plugins. Installation in most cases does not require additional development.

Umbraco Packages in action

  • Umbraco has a responsive community - if you are a developer and have questions or issues with your project you can resolve them quite quickly through the Our Umbraco community forum
  • It is free - last but not least you do not pay any fees or licenses for Umbraco usage. (excluding projects using the Umbraco Cloud service)
  • It is GDPR ready - if you are located or have clients in the EU then you are very familiar with GDPR. Well, Umbraco’s latest versions are GDPR ready. In fact the site of the Council of the European Union is built with Umbraco. You can read a detailed case study on this project here.

Is Umbraco Suitable for my project?

At the end of the day this depends on project’s specifics but given all the features that Umbraco offers we would recommend it to anyone who would like his site back-end to offer as much control, speed, scalability & security as possible. Last but not least, Umbraco can help you decrease costs and boost your site ROI, for more details read our post "Boost your Website Revenue with Umbraco CMS"

If you are interested furtner on Umbraco do not hesitate to contact us. Our team of developers has extensive experience with Umbraco CMS & ASP.Net and we will consult you on all aspects of your project.

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