What is Email Marketing?
What is Email Marketing?
July 12, 2016

The purpose of any marketing campaign is to generate leads and to support the efforts of the sales team. If you’re not an online marketer, you may not be aware of all the digital solutions available today, that enable you to optimise, automate and measure almost all your marketing activities.

From social media scheduling to SEO reports and conversion optimisation, there’s a tool and an automatic solution for almost any marketing activity. However, there’s one area in this field that requires human touch for outstanding results, and that is email marketing.


What is email marketing, in simple words?

Email marketing is a direct marketing technique that uses electronic mail to communicate to an audience. Although any message sent to a client via email could be considered a marketing email, the term is generally used for referring to email campaigns that promote a product or service, offer a discount, announce company news, inform subscribers about newly published content, or send other types of promotional messages with the purpose of encouraging repeat business.

Marketing emails can be sent to leads who are interested in your products and services, but haven’t purchased anything yet, or to clients who have already bought from you. In the former situation, the goal of email marketing campaigns is to convince and convert those leads, while in the latter case, the purpose is to create customer loyalty and encourage brand advocacy via social and email sharing.

Unlike traditional mail, which is often intrusive and unsolicited, email marketing feels more personal, and 72% of people would rather have companies communicate with them through email than through other means of communication.

This form of marketing is more targeted and can be precisely measured, so if you do it the right way and track the right metrics, you can easily iterate and optimize your campaign for maximum cost efficiency. But these aren’t the only advantages of email marketing, so let’s see how this technique can help your business!


Why should you do Email Marketing? What are its benefits?

As a business owner, you’re probably interested first and foremost in the return on investment (ROI) of any suggested marketing solution. According to the Direct Marketing Association, email marketing has an average ROI of $40 for every $1 invested, and this is why B2B marketers prefer this technique over any other form of marketing.

Moreover, compared to direct mail, email marketing can perform 95x better in terms of ROI, so this is definitely a cost-effective solution, and the great advantage is that you can control the costs to the very last penny.

Then, email marketing enables you to reach a wide audience and is not affected by geographical constraints, so you can communicate to customers in any area if they’re in your target niche. Also, by allowing you to segment your public precisely, based on interests and behaviours, this form of marketing enables you to craft messages that are focused, targeted and more likely to generate results.

You can create personalized emails that are relevant to your leads or clients, that address specific concerns, solve specific problems and show your clients that you actually care about them. This is one of the most efficient ways to encourage customer loyalty and turn clients into brand ambassadors.

Another advantage of email marketing is that it offers you a powerful tool for building brand awareness through word of mouth. As statistics have shown, people are more likely to trust recommendations from friends and to buy from brands with positive testimonials and reviews, then to buy as a result of traditional advertising campaigns.

Email marketing efforts can be measured precisely. You can track everything and analyse the results using a variety of tools, then work on optimizing your emails for better open and click-through rates. When done professionally, email marketing campaigns can boost subscriber retention rates and turn leads into repeat clients with minimum investment from your part.

So to sum it up, here’s why you should use email marketing:

  •   it’s cost-effective
  •   it’s targeted and precise
  •   it’s personal
  •   it’s flexible and can be measured
  •   it can be optimized
  •   is shareable
  •   is not affected by geographical or time constraints
  •   is faster
  •   can be automated
  •   can increase brand awareness
  •   can improve customer loyalty
  •   is environmentally friendly


Is email marketing suitable for your industry?

At this point you may be wondering whether email marketing is, indeed, a good solution for your company. Take a look at this compilation of email marketing statistics from Smart Insights.

As you can see, this solution can be used by virtually any niche, so no matter what industry you’re in, and what market size you target, this form of communication with your customers is very likely to be a winning choice.

The click-through rates and the amount of sales generated by promotional emails depend on a series of factors, such as the email’s subject line, the design and copy of the message, the offer itself but also the sending time and the responsiveness of the message. Mobile-friendly emails are more likely to result in clicks than messages that are displayed properly only on desktops. Here are some examples of effective marketing messages sent via email by big companies in different industries.

How to?

Usually email marketing is done through a third-party platform to increase efficiency. There are dozens of solutions out there, but not all email marketing platforms are equally friendly or complex. Some offer more features but are too complex for a non-professional and are more suitable for big enterprises while other are more simpler and are suitable for start-ups or small business.

All these details should be taken into consideration when preparing an email campaign. However, if you’re not experienced, it’s better to leave the guesswork out of the equation and hire a professional agency to take care of all your email marketing activity. The ROI of email marketing is simply too high for you to neglect this form of marketing, or to do it an amateur manner. 

If you would like to discuss your next email marketing campaign you can contact us and we will create for you an email marketing strategy that converts.

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