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What is Umbraco?
September 5, 2018

Umbraco is a friendly open-source Content Management System and is one of the most widely used .NET Content Management Systems. It is free and offers great flexibility and extensive capabilities. Currently there are over 250 000 websites built with Umbraco CMS.

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What is Pay-Per-Click Advertising?
August 2, 2016

As a business owner with minimum to no knowledge of digital marketing, it’s pretty easy to discount the role of online advertising, and to think that paying to appear higher in search engines means wasting money, or “giving money to Google” and getting nothing in return.

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What is Email Marketing?
July 12, 2016

The purpose of any marketing campaign is to generate leads and to support the efforts of the sales team. If you’re not an online marketer, you may not be aware of all the digital solutions available today, that enable you to optimise, automate and measure almost all your marketing activities.
From social media scheduling to SEO reports and conversion optimization, there’s a tool and an automatic solution for almost any marketing activity. However, there’s one area in this field that requires human touch for outstanding results, and that is email marketing.

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Learn more about Web Hosting Solutions
November 30, 2015

Web hosting (or simply hosting) is a type of internet service which allows for a website to be reachable from any point of the world. You can think of the web hosting as a service of “storage” of your site.

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Do you know what a Domain Address is?
November 1, 2015

The domain addresses are basically, the names we give to websites. For example the domain address of Code+ is

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