The Bank (NDA)
The Bank (NDA)

The Bank (NDA)

This project was done under a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

The client for this project was a small US bank providing a vast array of services such as banking, insurance, personal investment management and other. The bank was relying on the power and security of ASP. NET and used SiteFinity for years but they needed to rebuild their solution both front-end and back-end in order to be able to offer a more modern experience to their clients.

The Key Requirements:

  •  Analysis and redesign of the current user experience;
  •  High level of security (according to requirements provided by 3rd party digital security consultancy);
  •  Integration of a number of 3rd party systems;
  •  Make the redesigned  website as appealing to younger clients as it was to seniors.
  •  WCAG 2.0 AA compliance for a key section of the site


Our Solution:

Based on the requirements our approach to deliver the project was:

  • Planning the whole development process according to an Agile methodology;
  • Developing a really good design together with a partner UX agency (including prototyping for multiple screens). Each prototype had to be approved by the client before front-end development begun.
  • Proper back-end coding & configuration of all of the required Sitefinity features according to best practices;
  • Proper configuration of Sitefinity Digital Experience & Marketing and Analytics features
  • Coding the front-end of the site according to the latest trends; Inclusion of WCAG 2.0 AA compliant specific features.
  • Coding of a number of loan & insurance calculators
  • Configuration of Azure Dev Ops pipeline deployment model
  • Integration of security features according to the 3rd party security consultancy requirements

The site was deployed in several phases according to each division requirements and the client has provided us with a very positive feedback which led to a constant contract for Sitefinty Support Package.

The Bank (NDA)
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