Smart Boar
Smart Boar

Smart Boar

Smart Boar is a mobile app developed in cooperation with a partner agency DIT Solution. Our partners from DIT Solution came to us with a request to help in the development of a mobile app for one of their clients. The app's main goal is to facilitate the management of orders for an animal farm. 

This is why the requirements for the app were very specific:

  •  Sync with an API of a web app already developed by Dit Solution
  •  Implement Barcode scanning 
  •  Develop Easy to use UI
  •  Be fast and reliable
  •  Run on both Android and iOS

 Our Solution consisted of the following:

  •  Plan the project according to an Agile methodology
  •  Develop a straightforward and easy to use UI design, relying as much as possible on native components
  •  Develop both OS versions of the app with Xamarin Forms
  •  Integrate Visual Studio App Center for Push notifications and Analytics
  •  Implement extensive beta testing on various devices 

Once the project was completed we immediately got positive feedback from DIT Solution and their client for achieving the goals of the project.

Smart Boar
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