Best Friends Group
Best Friends Group

Best Friends Group

Best Friends Group is one of the leading Veterinary Clinics in the United Kingdom with numerous branches throughout the country.

They came to us with a requirement to rebuild their old website based on Wordpress with a modern design and Umbraco. Key personnel in their company had already worked with Umbraco and they were well acquainted of the benefits it has to offer.

Key Requirements for the Project:

  •  Develop both Front-End and Back-End (design was prepared by separate contractor)
  •  Utilise the latest Umbraco version
  •  Develop all the features in a cost-efficient manner
  •  User Access levels for GDPR compliance
  •  Suggest 3rd party integrations for Map Search & Email Notifications

Based on their requirements we proposed the following solution:

  •  Develop the project according to an agile methodology
  •  Utilise Umbraco 8 for the project - (it was brand new at the time)
  •  Plan the development of Front-End and Back-End separately
  •  Integrate Google Maps API for Map Search
  •  Integrate SendGrid for email notifications
  •  Deploy to Azure Cloud

After we successfully deployed and completed the project Best Friends Group reported greatly improved user experience of their clients, improved ease of use of the CMS and positive ROI.

Improvement in UX
Best Friends Group
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