Client Goals:

Kanzen is a professional residential property management company in Bulgaria. They offer a complete suite of residential management services. Kanzen’s team needed a software solution to improve the efficiency of their work and have features such as:

  •  Easy organisation of each building’s "Residential Diary". 
  •  Enabling online payment of monthly subscriptions.
  •  Reducing the overall volume of documents, and simplifying organisation of archives.
  •  Providing their clients with a detailed breakdown of costs of their monthly subscriptions.
  •  Improving the issue reporting process for their clients.
  •  Facilitating the event scheduling process of “Neighbour Meetings”.
  •  Enabling the export of all monthly documentation related to their activities.
  •  Easy tracking of the financial status of each building.

Our Solution:

For us it was important to collect as much information as possible about the issues Kanzen faced so that we can provide an effective solution. This is why we proceeded with the following steps:

  •  We analysed the client’s issues, requirements and goals to understanding the overall business logic of the future solution.
  •  We decided on the most appropriate technical approach to achieve the goals set by Kanzen.
  •  We prioritised the solution’s features and categorised each feature according to priority and impact.
  •  We planned our work according to an Agile methodology.

The technical solution that we offered consisted in the following:

  1. Custom solution based on the .NET framework. Technology stack included - SQL Server Database, WEB API, AngularJS, Bootstrap, Entity framework, OData.
  2. Separation of the system into micro-services - one administrative app for residential managers and administrators of the system and a client app for Kanzen’s subscribers (the users of their services).
  3. Integration and synchronisation with payment provider API (EasyPay).


After the project was deployed Kanzen immediately reported high-satisfaction rate of their team as well as their clients. Through the Kanzen CRM system:

  •  Access to the financial status of each building is greatly improved and always accessible, without further calculations.
  •  Kanzen’s clients can quickly access accurate information about the status of their fees and pay them online.
  •  Kanzen’s clients can see a detailed breakdown of their fees, report problems in their buildings, get info for scheduled event and have access to a history archive.
  •  Time for generation of monthly documentation is minimal.
The software solution that Code+ developed for us covered our expectations. The team is always ready for new ideas.
Slavi Sokolov
The software solution that Code+ developed for us covered our expectations. The team is always ready for new ideas.
Better tracking of financial status
Reduced time on admin. tasks per month
-32 hours
Easier tracking of monthly fees
Property Management
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