Woodcroft Veterinary Group
Woodcroft Veterinary Group

Woodcroft Veterinary Group

Woddcroft Veterianry Group is one of the leading veterinary clinics chains around Manchester, United Kingdom. They came to us after a successful project referral from one of their partners.

The goal of the project was to redesign 2 very old websites into a single one for a unified experience of both their clients and their partners.
Another key requirement was that the site to be live before their new veterinary clinic opening. This meant a pretty tight schedule both for us as developers, Woodcroft marketing team and the partner agency UMPF who had to prepare the design of the site. (chosen by the client in advance)

So we had to plan a really tight schedule to achieve the goals of the project:

  •  Create a single website that unifies features from 2 old website
  •  Work in a close cooperation with both Woodcroft marketing team and UMPF
  •  Build the front-end and back-end of the project in under 20 days
  •  Provide the best possible experience for the clients of the clinics
  •  Utilise a modern CMS - Umbraco to manage all aspects of the new site
  •  Use a very reliable method of delivering email notifications

Our Solution:

  •  Use agile methodology to divide the project into sprints according to priority of delivery.
  •  Plan post-live updates for some low-priority features
  •  Develop the project with the latest Umbraco version
  •  Code the front-end of the site according to the latest trends
  •  Integrate - SendGrid for email notifications
  •  Deploy to Azure Cloud

Thanks to the collective efforts of our's, Woodcroft's and UMPF's teams we managed to complete the project according to schedule and deliver exceptional product. The Woodcroft marketing team immediately registered satisfaction of both their clients and the team managing the site.
User experience was greatly improved and all of the features of the site can now be managed through the Umbraco back-office.


Efficiency Increase in Content Management
User Statisfaction
Woodcroft Veterinary Group
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