Transform your Business

In the last 30 years Digital Transformation has become and integral part of any company seeking to gain competitive advantage. But what most companies fail to do is to truly embrace Digital Transformation. Having a website or mobile app is not enough these days to say that your business is digitised.
What about your business processes, your employees and your products and services? Have you implemented the right digital solutions for all of these domains?
With our dedicated Digital Transformation service we seek to answer this question and in the same time offer you integrated solutions that aim to give you competitive advantage and improve efficiency.


Transform with us

Our specialised service consists of several phases which includes a thorough audit of the digital solutions you have already implemented for your products and services, business processes, employees, as well as online & mobile presence model or the need of such solutions. 
Based on this we will offer you a set of integrated solutions relying on the power & security of the .NET framework including but not limited to Business Apps relying on Azure Cloud and Azure Services, Corporate Dashboards, Mobile Apps, Corporate Web Solutions for Online Presence, IoT integrations, AI & ML serviced development and integration of various 3rd party solutions.


Integrated Solutions

We will not simply offer you a given set of solutions but we will make sure those solutions "speak" with each other through RESTful APIs and work together as one integrated system. Your ERP system will communicate with you mobile app, website, CRM and with all of your 3rd party software. You will be able to follow on all the data and run analytics through one unified Corporate Dashboard. All of your employees will use a single account to use all of these systems and the systems in turn will be unified under a common branding & UI.
Last but not least we will make sure that the whole system is scalable and efficient.


Our Process

Our Digital Transformation Process consists of 3 distinct phases:
In this phase we will explore your business by conducting surveys and internal stakeholder interviews. After that, we'll examine your business strategy, competitive advantage and perform a SWOT analysis from a digital perspective. Next we will do a limited customer, competitor, and industry research, again from digital perspective. Finally we will inspect your online presence strategy.
Solution Proposal:
After we have collected all the information we need, our team will analyse all the data and propose specific integrated solutions to help with your business objectives. We will assign specific key results that each solution should achieve.
Once solutions are confirmed we will create a detailed road map and develop the proposed set of solutions according to Agile methodology. After each set is implemented successfully we will continue to monitor its performance and key results that it achieves and if required offer various updates.


Why Choose Us

  •  We're focused on delivering an exceptional and full-scale Digital Transformation service. We will look through your perspective and offer you a set of integrated solutions that would help you achieve your goals.
  •  We are focused on forming long-term client relationships and building trust
  •  We are working under Agile methodology 

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