Is your enterprise Mobile?

Most companies these days already have or plan to offer either a complete mobile app for their clients or at least a mobile app to support their physical products & services. This the baseline these days and we can definitely help you with such project. 

However in our company we think "the baseline" is not enough. What about your other business processes? Can you improve employee performance with a mobile app? Or maybe re-invent a business process altogether with a mobile based solution?

We can help you with finding answers to those questions (check our Digital Transformation service) and developing a corresponding mobile solution.


Cross-Platform & Native

Cross-platform development has become mainstream these days. After all a company can decrease development time and costs significantly by using a cross-platform development framework. This is very important especially for enterprise mobile solutions.

However, not all cross-platform development platforms are created equal. We know this and this is why we rely on the power of Xamarin Forms as a platform that can deliver Android and iOS apps capable of taking advantage of native features.



API & 3rd Parties

Regardless of whether you need an internal mobile enterprise solution or a mobile app as a service for your clients, synchronisation with various APIs will most certainly be needed. After all these days great apps are build by combining great APIs. We know this and we will ensure that your mobile app communicates seamlessly with your internal systems as well as 3rd party APIs needed for an exceptional service.

In addition to this, if needed, we can offer consulting on 3rd party selection for your mobile solution for scalable & cost-effective operation.


UI & Protoyping

Great mobile UX is equally as important as proper functioning of an app. For some projects UX is essential and can "make or break the bank". We know this and that's why we carefully try to find the right balance between UI & UX for each individual project, based on target users and project requirements.

Each of our mobile projects goes through a Prototyping Phase before the first lines of code is written. This phase may include user testing as well.


Agile Development

Some mobile development projects have a higher degree of complexity and in these cases execution can be equally as important as the idea for the app. 

This is why we rely on Agile principles for project completion and apply them to each project. Epics & Sprints will be applied even for small-scale projects.

In addition, DevOps principles and CI/CD tools are applied when needed.



When your business relies on your mobile app, support is essential. We know that and this is why in addition to our Limited Warranty we can offer support packages that can be configured based on client's needs.

In addition to issues on your mobile app those support packages can include services such us: corresponding internal web app & API support, cloud hosting and related services support, App Store & Play Store support, Mobile content support etc.


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