Web & Mobile Development Outsourcing

These days development outsourcing has become an inseparable part of the IT industry and the outsourcing sector is growing each year. Besides the obvious cost-savings, lots of companies are using offshore teams as a means to focus on their competitive advantages. After all for a lot of companies supporting a permanent IT team is neither required nor cost efficient.

Even companies offering SaaS services often realise that their true competitive advantage are things like product/service specific features, pricing, culture, sales, UX etc. rather than engineering and development. 

In contrast our competitive advantage is .NET development & engineering. If your company is using the .NET stack we are confident that we can help you bring your costs down while maintaining or increasing the quality of your apps.

Work Models

Our development team is complete with Senior Fullstack developers, Confirmed .Net Developers, Confirmed Front-End developers as well as Project Managers & QA engineers. Depending on your requirements you may either hire one or multiple developers or configure a whole team complete with Project Manager and QA engineer according to your needs.

Time & Material
In this work model you pay only for the work hours spend by our team. Activities such as PM, QA, Content Upload can be offered in this model as well, upon your request.
Remote Teams/Dedicated
Under this work model you can choose specific members that you want to be included in your project. You will be able to hire those specific members for at least a month and you will have complete freedom to manage them and use their skills on multiple projects if needed as their availability for the chosen period is guaranteed.
Technical Validation

Under both models you will be able to interview team members for technical capabilities and if needed we can do a time-limited test job.


Nearshore to EU & UK

Our development team is located in Bulgaria, we work in Central European Timezone and we are nearshore to key markets in EU and United Kingdom.

This means that we will have on average 90%+ overlap of business hours (depending on timezone), making communication fast and reliable. This in addition to our language proficiency, allows for very efficient transfer of requirements to our developers.

Last but not least if required, developers can come visit you directly to your location for on field work - Sofia is within approximately 3 hours to all major cities in Europe.


Offshore Support

We know that timezone overlap is essential for communication, this is why we make sure we have at least 2 hours of business hours overlap for efficient communication.

However, for development we do not require timezone overlap. This is why our work timezone is ideal for nighttime development and support for clients located in United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. After all it is much more safer to push updates and make optimisations while your clients are asleep rather than during active business hours.  


Trusted Partner


We prefer to form long-term relationships with our clients and to do so we deliver:

  •  high-quality code (we do not like "spaghetti" code)
  •  on time
  •  projects under clear contracts and NDAs

If you are interested in learning more about our outsourcing services do not hesitate to contact us.


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