nopCommerce is a free open-source ASP.Net based eCommerce platform. It comes with great out of the box features, allows for the fast configuration of multi-category online stores and there are no associated license fees with (some plugins are paid though).


It is especially suitable for:

Products with high degree of variability

Online stores selling products with high degree of variability or unrelated categories.


Multiple countries and currencies

Online stores with multiple countries, currencies, payment providers and shipping methods.


Lot of products

Online stores with a lot of products - nopCommerce can handle tens of thousands of products.


Promotional marketing features

eCommerce projects with requirements for different kinds of promotional marketing features.


Higher security requirements

eCommerce projects with higher security requirements and/or ASP .Net requirements.



Fast deployment schedule

Projects requiring fast deployment schedule.

Is nopCommerce suitable for my project?

Is nopCommerce suitable for my project?


The short answer is "Yes"👌 it is suitable for all kinds of eCommerce projects.

Main advantages include:

  • Fast deployment - since most features a pre-configured.
  • Low budget requirements - it has free tier plan with all essential features and since they are pre-configured development costs are lower.
  • Large networks of plugins - nopCommerce can be configured with any eCommerce functionality you want wither through a plugin or through custom development.

nopCommerce is trusted by brands such as The North Face (Australia), Volvo, BMW (Netherlands), Lacoste (Australia) and more.

*If you have a really small project with only several products or categories it may be more suitable to build your ASP .Net project with Umbraco in combination with eCommerce plugin.

Our nopCommerce expertise

Our nopCommerce expertise


  • Custom Features Development
  • Design Template Integration and Customisation
  • Payment Providers Configuration
  • more according to project requirements

Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?


 Our Advantages:

  • Our Development Team has over 5 year of experience in ASP.Net and nopCommerce.
  • We deliver high quality code on time.
  • We work according to Agile Methodology.
  • Each of our projects gets a 12 month warranty - if a bug arises we will fix it at no further cost.
  • Support - you can always count on us for building & configuring additional features to your store.

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