Best in Class Enterprise CMS

Sitefinity is one of the leading Content Management Systems in the Enterprise category. One of the reasons for this is that Sitefinity comes with great out-of-the box features that are build with content editors, users & site visitors in mind. With Sitefinity you won't need to add multiple plugins and connectors to your configuration because Sitefinity probably has these features built in. 

In addition to this development for Sitefinity is approximately 30% less than some of its nearest competitors and this means that you are almost guaranteed a positive ROI and fast Payback Period of your investment.


Build for Content Editors

One of the strongest selling points of Sitefinity is that it is build for Content Editors. With features such as:

  •  WYSIWYG Editor
  •  Drag and Drop Layouts
  •  Drag and Drop Rule-based Form Building
  •  Version History
  •  and much more

your content editors can easily insert already existing widgets and personalise them instead of contacting a developer. This means that content editors will spend less time & effort in building great web experiences. This in turn would greatly decrease content management costs over time and in turn improve profitability. 


Build in Marketing & Analytics Tools

Sitefinity has built in Digital Marketing tools called Digital Experience Cloud (DEC) that greatly improve marketing workflows.

Features like:

  •  Dynamic Content based on rules
  •  Built-in A/B testing features
  •  Multiple Pages Sync Between Environments
  •  Audience Segmentation & Contact Profiling
  •  Audience Discovery
  •  Built-in Email Marketing tools
  •  Built-in SEO tools

allow your marketers to build great experiences across all devices. In addition to that Sitefinity allows for a detailed analysis of your users and web traffic through built in Analytics dashboard giving you a detailed picture of your web presence.


Multisite, Multilingual


Sitefity allows for great multisite experience. In one single instance you can have sites for all of yours corporate divisions and you can share content resources between them.


You can have as many language versions of your sites and ensure proper translation of all of them. Having multiple country versions with multiple langauage versions with Sitefinity is not a problem. 


eCommerce out of the box

Sitefinity comes with a build-in ecommerce module allowing you to rapidly develop an e-store for your site.

Key Features include:

  •  Product Catalogs
  •  Multiple Storefronts
  •  Targeted Offers
  •  Payment Processing
  •  Order Management


Multichannel & Headless

Sitefinity's Multichannel features like: asset sharing, template sharing, cloning of sites ensure you provide the best possible digital experience to your customers on each channel.

In addition to this Sitefinity's headless capabilities allow for a flawless content sync between your sites, mobile app and other systems.


Scalable and Secure


Sitefinity can be hosted on cloud or windows server and integrates deeply with Azure Cloud & Azure Services allowing for improvement in operational efficiencies. In addition to this Sitefinity:

  •  works very well in load-balanced environments 
  •  allows for auto-scaling
  •  is CI/CD ready
  •  has sophisticated caching

All of this means that you can have very fast load times and your customers will spend less time waiting and more time interacting.


Features like:

  •  Built-in Web Security Module
  •  Easy configuration of HTTP response headers
  •  Version history
  •  Approval workflows
  •  Granular user permissions & access levels
  •  Out-of-the-box support for logging in with social media and other accounts.

will help your site admins provide high security and protect your digital assets from malicious parties.


Our Expertise

  •  analysis and advice for the most suitable features depending on project requirements
  •  configuration of all out-of-the-box Sitefinity features
  •  expansion and customisation of all Sitefinity features
  •  operation in - Classic MVC, Pure MVC and Hybrid MVC mode (depending on project)
  •  set up of dynamic content based on language, geo location, user type and more
  •  generation of search indexes in the cloud Azure Search/Elastic Search
  •  configuration of search suggestions
  •  creation custom widgets and templates
  •  creation custom modules
  •  development of Add-ons & Connectors
  •  much more depending on project requirements


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