A very capable Content Management System

Umbraco is one of the most capable .NET Content Management Systems currently. In contrast to other CMSs Umbraco is highly customisable which means that you can have all kinds of setups with Umbraco, from small corporate websites to multisite networks that sync with multiple third party apps. The possibilities for modifications are endless and you do not need big teams to develop an Umbraco solution. Last but not least Umbraco community is very friendly and there is a big ecosystem of plugins.

All of this makes Umbraco an ideal CMS of choice for Startups and companies of all sizes.


Content Editors love it!

Content Editors are big fans of Umbraco. Key features like:

  •  True Inline Editing
  •  Built-in Image Croppers
  •  Version Control
  •  Multi-Device Previews
  •  Scheduled Publishing
  •  Versioned Content & Audit Trail
  •  and more

make managing content with Umbraco intuitive and fast. This means that your marketers will spend less time on content upload and more on building great web experience.

No License obligations

Umbraco has always been Open-Source solution under MIT License. There are no payed licenses attached to it which means that you get a cost-saving from the beginning of your project

In addition to the cost-savings from the lack of license fees the MIT Licences provides Umbraco users with another huge benefit - the ability to heavily modify Umbraco as they like. This is a huge benefit for projects that need a highly customised solution.

*There are payed services from Umbraco HQ such as Umbraco Cloud & Forms but those are optional.


Multilingual Support

Umbraco supports Multi-Site networks as well as Multilingual setups. This means that you can control all of your sites from a single shared back-office instance and each language version' content editor will be able administer only the sites to which they are assigned. 

The "Send to Translate" feature makes translating content from one language version to another very fast. Your translators will have access only to texts they need to translate and nothing else.


User & Member Groups

With Umbraco you can separate your back-office administrators (Umbraco Users) from the users of your site (Umbraco Members) from the start of your project. This means that none of your clients will be able to access your back-office critical information.

In addition you will be able to create a multitude of User and Member groups with different permissions allowing you to achieve granular control on what actions Users and Members can perform.


Extendable API

Umbraco's API is extendable. This means that you can sync Umbraco with various 3rd party systems. Using Umbraco as a Headless solution syncing your ERP system, iOS & Android Apps, CRM or other internal system API with your Umbraco site is fast & easy. 

Deploy to Any Cloud

You can deploy Umbraco to either Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, Windows Server 2012 or Windows Shared Hosting. And offcourse you can choose Umbraco Cloud as well.

In addition to these options Umbraco can be configured with:

  •  Load balancers
  •  Auto-scale
  •  CI/CD services

All of this means that your Umbraco instance can be quickly deployed, updated and be fast & reliable.


Our Expertise

  •  Extending Umbraco API
  • Umbraco Back end custom modules
  •  Custom development of functionalities which cannot be part of Umbraco CMS (including POCO objects)
  •  Custom Search Indexing with Lucene or Azure Search
  •  Expose Umbraco content for mobile apps
  •  Custom Umbraco Aback office development
  •  Configuring eCommerce features with Ucommerce or custom development
  •  Event handling on build-in Umbraco actions - create/update/delete
  •  Configuring Umbraco for load balanced environment
  •  Configuring Umbraco Forms & Umbraco Courier
  •  Setting Up Umbraco Headless
  •  Configuring sync with various Azure & AWS Services, Deploying Umbraco to: Azure / AWS / Google Cloud / Umbraco Cloud
  •  Integrating Umbraco packages 

In addition to building new websites our agency can audit & support existing Umbraco projects.

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