Intelligent Business Apps

Web based applications have become increasingly popular in the last few years and their functionality now equals desktop apps. Our main goal as a company who develops such apps is to make sure your app is build in the best way possible for its intended purpose and has the highest possible ROI.

In addition to this our development process is carefully adjusted depending on your requirements - we know that apps to be sold as a service (SaaS) and apps such as CRMs, ERPs, Dashboards to be used for internal business purposes only would have highly requirements for architecture, infrastructure and upgrades

This allows us to offer you only what you need to achieve efficiency and return on your investment rather than offer a fancy solution which may not be needed for your goals. Nevertheless, regardless of the app intended purpose, development approach and architecture choice we always make sure that apps build by us are efficient, scalable & secure. 


Powerful apps with .Net Core

We are a .Net based agency and we are firm supporters C# & .Net as a powerful platform for building web applications. Regardless of your required setup, whether it would be SPA, Microservices, Serverless, Multi-tenant or Single-tenant we consider .NET & .NET Core to be a solid, efficient & secure choice. 

Nevertheless we are very well aware that there isn't a "one size fits all" framework. This is why when needed we may combine .NET/ASP.NET/.NET Core with other MVC or non-MVC based languages & frameworks, for either Front-End or Back-End needs. This allows us to achieve even greater efficiency of the app and offer a wide variety of features.


Efficiency from Azure

Nowadays, a well written app does not guarantee performance. We already live in the cloud era and apps that are integrated well with the cloud outperform those that are not. This is why we take into account possible cloud enhancement services from day one of the engineering process.

We typically rely on the power of Azure Cloud and its massive infrastructure. Services such as Azure Blob, Azure Functions, Azure Search and many others help us enhance app performance and improve reliability.

(upon client request we may work on AWS or Google Cloud instead)


Superior UI with Angular JS

Some apps, especially SaaS solutions, have a much higher degree of requirements for client-side performance.

Those apps need UI that would enhance user experience and help grow their client base. We know this and this is why we will offer UI solutions tailored specifically to your goals. A phase of detailed prototyping and usability testing will be complete before the first line of code is written. 

For  apps, requiring high-level client-side (front-end) performance we will use Angular JS in order to maximise speed, reliability and efficiency.


Agile & DevOps


Each of our app projects is developed according to an Agile methodology with detailed roadmap, epics and sprints.

When applicable we will work under DevOps principles and use CI/CD tools in order to minimise deployment times and issues related to upgrades.


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