Mobile Apps with Xamarin


Xamarin is a native cross-platform mobile app development platform running on Visual Studio. With it you can create iOS & Android apps from a single shared project.


We ❤ to work with Xamarin & Xamarin Forms because:

It is Faster and Cheaper

than creating separate projects with native languages. By using a single shared project we eliminate duplicate coding in separate languages which saves time, money and as a result boosts ROI of your mobile project.

It is Flexible:

everything you can do with Objective-C/Swift and Java can be done with C# and Xamarin Forms.

Native UI:

by using Xamarin & Xamarin Forms you get access to all the native UI controls that are offered by Apple & Google.

Native Performance & Access to Native API:

Xamarin & Xamarin Forms build apps get full advantage of platform specific hardware acceleration and platform specific API features as opposed to other hybrid app platforms.

Even More Platforms:

If required you can easily extend your apps to Apple Watch, Google Glass, MacOS & Windows Phone.

Our Expertise

Our Expertise


Our technical capability include:

  •  Xamarin Forms;
  •  Sync with your API to "fuel" your apps with data;
  •  Custom renderings;
  •  Push notifications integration;
  •  App deep linking;
  •  App center analytics and crash reports integration;
  •  Integration Visual Studio App Center, Firebase and similar services;
  •  Social Networks Login; 
  •  Integration of various mapping & geocoding solutions;
  •  Integration of messaging services; 
  •  Implementation of Azure Cognitive Services;
  •  much more as per client request.

Why choose Us?

Why choose Us?


Our Advantages: 

  • We are experienced in Xamarin & Xamarin Forms.
  • We deliver top quality code on time.
  • We work according to Agile Methodology.
  • Our Pricing is competitive.
  • We can handle projects from A to Z - PM, architectural advise, development, QA, and deployment to app stores.
  • We continue to support our projects when needed.

If you have a project for a mobile app in mind do not hesitate to contact us. 

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