Website That Sells

We believe in our clients' goals and this is our starting point when we begin a new Web Development project. Goals can be varied but often then end goal of a website is to bring in new customers and improve UX for the current ones.

This is why our approach always begins with the process of understanding our clients' business, learning about their customers and building on that knowledge to offer a bespoke solution that would set them apart from the competition.


The Right Framework

Often the issue that fails a website is its Content Management System. Developing a lower-capacity solution when high requirements are present or excessive development for a simple project can be equally detrimental to budgets and timeframes. This is why we always make a careful analysis of client's goals, requirements and budget and depending on those we offer solution either based on Umbraco or Sitefinty that would boost ROI of the project


Visual Impact

The visual appearance of a website speaks a lot about the company behind it as well as its attitude towards its customers. Often this is the first interaction people may have with a brand and for some industries visual impact is much more important. Then there are other industries which value more easy access and organisation of information.

We are aware of this and this why we balance UI & UX according to the project goals. Prototyping is integral part of this process and is always done before the first line of code written.

Agile Development

Some Web Development projects have very good frameworks, designs, as well as talented developers to do the work but often times they fail to meet budget and deadline expectations due to bad execution. This is especially true for more complex and longer duration projects.

This is why planning ahead and executing in sprints are essential for a normal workflow. We are firm believers in Agile Principles and apply them to each project. 



We know that issues would always arise even for well executed projects. This is why each of our projects comes with a fixed-term warranty.

Upon request we offer Support packages with different service configurations: including back-end & front-end development hours for covering issues as well as for developing new features. In addition to this we will proactively track your web app health and if issues are detected we will resolve them seamlessly. Content management support can be added to the configuration as well. 


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