Build Native Mobile Apps Faster & Cheaper

Xamarin Forms is a cross-platform mobile app development platform running on Visual Studio. With Xamarin Forms you can create native iOS & Android apps simultaneously from a single shared project build with C# & XAML which then Xamarin compiler builds natively for each platform. 

Since both iOS & Android are build from a shared codebase you get 3 big advantages from using Xamarin Forms for your mobile project:

  •  Faster TTM than Native Development: you do not have to build 2 different apps in 2 different programming languages 
  •  Lower Costs than Native Development: you do not have to hire 2 different development teams - you work with 1 team. 
  •  Better Performance than Hybrid App Development Frameworks: in contrast to other platforms Xamarin Forms does not contain apps in WebView which allows for much better access to hardware features, offline work and native to device apps.


Performance & Access to Native API

  •  Xamarin Forms build apps get full advantage of platform specific hardware acceleration and platform specific API features as opposed to other hybrid app platforms.
  •  By using Xamarin Forms you get access to all the native UI controls that are offered by Apple & Google.


Be present on all devices

In addition to all iOS & Android smartphone & tablets, with Xamarin Forms you can easily extend them to platforms & devices such as:

  •  Apple Watch
  •  Google Wear OS
  •  Mac OS
  •  Windows OS
  •  Google Glass


Consistent User Interface

With Xamarin Forms you can build apps with consistent UI which would unify experiences across devices. Furthermore Xamarin Forms has build in support of Material Design for both Android and iOS through its Visual API.

In addition to this for any project you will have options to either build fully custom UI or if you prefer to save costs go with ready-made component system such as those from: UX divers, ProgressSyncfusion and others.


Who is it for?

Xamarin Forms is ideal if your project:

  •  Is Enterprise oriented
  •  Is Consumer oriented
  •  Has Fast TTM requirements
  •  Has Budget Cap
  •  Has  High ROI requirement
  •  Is Proof-of-concept
  •  Is a Minimum Viable Product


Our Expertise

  •  Xamarin Forms;
  •  Sync with your API to "fuel" your apps with data;
  •  Custom renderings;
  •  Push notifications integration;
  •  App deep linking;
  •  App center analytics and crash reports integration;
  •  Integration Visual Studio App Center, Firebase and similar services;
  •  Social Networks Login; 
  •  Integration of various mapping & geocoding solutions;
  •  Integration of messaging services; 
  •  Implementation of Azure Cognitive Services;
  •  much more as per client request.


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